Home Renovation on a Tight Budget

How to Renovate a House on a Budget – It Can Be Done!

Money and budget are of foremost concern when dealing with the issue of whether or not to renovate. You see your dream home in your mind. You know exactly how you want the newly designed space to flow and function. And yet perhaps your available funds aren’t letting you go quite as extensive as you want on the remodel. At CHI, we work with clients all the time when it comes to balancing their ultimate home renovation goals and the realities of their budget.

Our job is to create for you a stunning space that will bring a new life and vibrancy into your home. And yes, you can renovate that home on a budget. We’ve compiled some tips and ideas for those looking to remodel while still adhering to their budget.

1) Working around existing plumbing placement.

One of the more costly projects associated with home renovations is moving plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers. It’s not simply relocating a fixture, but rerouting the entire plumbing line, drains, and systems. And this doesn’t come cheap. If you can upgrade your current bath and yet still keep things pretty much where they are, you’d be surprised at how much this may save you in the long run.

2) Big Impact Cosmetic Changes.

Structural changes are certainly nice. Moving walls, adding windows, and completely reimagining the space may be the stuff of your dreams. But again, remember these major structural shifts are expensive. When trying to figure out how to renovate your house on a budget, you may want to consider more cosmetic changes that can still have a significant impact. Things like flooring, paint, appliances, and lighting don’t necessarily cost as much and yet can drastically change the overall vibe of the space.

3) Shopping Everything Around.

Price comparing is essential if you’re working from a tighter budget. From searching for contractors offering attractive estimates, to the best-priced materials, you want to know that you are getting the most “bang for your remodeling buck”. Be cautious however, it’s not just about finding the lowest bidder. You want to always maintain quality in tandem with the affordability factor.

4) What You Want versus What You Need.

Certainly, you have a wish list of exactly what you’d like to see for your new space. But when trying to decide how to renovate your house on a budget, it’s about prioritizing. What does your family absolutely need as far as the flow and function of your space? And what can you put off until a bit later when the budget is less stringent? Really take the time to think about how the space works for you now. Versus how you want to see it work for you when the job is done.

5) Reuse and Repurpose.

From furniture to cabinetry, maybe it’s not about just “getting rid of” something; if you can find a way to incorporate it into your home renovation then you stand to save yourself some money. Can a dresser be painted, or recycled in some way? Maybe bath cabinets just need a bit of a facelift. Get creative, use your imagination, and try to see your current pieces in a whole new light.

6) Think in Terms of Stock Sizes.

Custom costs money—this is a no-brainer. Specialty sizes, colors, finishes all come with a pretty substantial price tag. The more in line with stock options and choices we can stay, the more money you save in the long run.

7) Minimize Changes.

You’ve had plans drawn up, your contract with the design-build firm is in place. And then suddenly you totally change your mind and want to move this fixture, upgrade this counter, or add a window here. All such changes cost money, not to mention the time associated with executing said change. Come up with a game plan and, especially when trying to stick to that budget, don’t veer from this plan or you may need to look into additional financing options. We know you don’t want to do that though so keep in mind….too many of these kinds of alterations and you could be looking at some major expenditures.

You can renovate your home on a budget. What we have found in working with customers, is that the key to a successful renovation in terms of adhering to a definitive budget is to keep your focus, exercise control, and don’t lose sight of the fact that your remodel will be gorgeous in the end!

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