10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Kitchen Remodel

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For those about to attempt a kitchen renovation—or really any renovation—the “Kitchen Renovation 101: What You Need to Know” panel at our 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show was the place to be. Moderator George Oliphant of NBC’s George to the Rescue spoke to three kitchen design professionals, including Mike Daddio, principal at Design Development NYC, about how to create the kitchen of your dreams. Daddio shared ten questions that will make your life—and your contractor’s life—easier, and we’ve got them all here. “If you have these questions answered before you call the contractor, than we’ll be able to have a much more productive, streamlined conversation,” he says.

1. What is your objective?
“Are you planning to sell your apartment in three years? Are you intending to spruce up for that sale? Or are you looking to have all the bells and whistles?”

2. How long do you plan to live in the home?
“If you’re going to be living there for one or two years, you probably want to consider a different type of renovation, something that’s maybe not as costly or something that’s more timeless and traditional in the aesthetic that’s chosen by your design team,” says Daddio. “If you’re going to be living there a little bit longer, then naturally you’ll be spending a bit more and designing something that you really love.”

3. Do you have children?
“If so, where are you going to store everything? Are you going to have a kitchen with a magnetic board; do you hang your children’s artworks?” Resilient, easy-to-clean materials, whether wood or stone, are also ideal for kid-friendly kitchens.

4. Do you have allergies and health issues to consider?
If someone in your family suffers from asthma or other breathing issues, let your contractor know. “Things that are important to stay away from if you do have any of those concerns are high-gloss lacquers and urea and phenol formaldehydes, which are used in the adhesives of most plywoods.”

5. Will you be living in your home during the renovation?
“It adds to the lead time and the construction duration, so that’s something that’s very important to know. It also adds to the level of protection and cleanliness that needs to be maintained in the renovation.”

6. What is your budget?
“This question has to be something that’s first answered for yourself, so you understand what amount of money you want to spend, but it’s important to be honest with the people on your design team, and your contractors, about what that number is.” Once you have a number, add a 10 to 20 percent contingency.

7. What have people in similar homes accomplished, and what have been their limitations?
“What I always encourage on first meetings, in New York City especially, is that you invite your building’s superintendent,” says Daddio. “Getting to the answer of ‘Can we do it?’ sooner rather than later is very, very helpful in the process.” Research local zoning laws, landmark preservation rules, and yard setbacks, too.

8. Can you remove that wall to open up the kitchen?
“It’s very easy to ask the building’s superintendent or other people within the apartment that may have completed renovations. It’s also great to schedule walkthroughs with those people to see what they’ve done.”

9. What’s behind those walls?
“Are there utility risers that limit the amount of wall that can be removed safely?”

10. When can we get started?
“I always say that a well-planned project is a well-executed project,” says Daddio. “Take the time with the architecture and design team to properly plan everything that you’re doing. Source your long-lead materials and purchase them in advance.”

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10 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically NEXT ARTICLE link

10 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically

You are renovating because you want your house to look more beautiful and feel more comfortable. Consider your home renovation plan as a business plan or as your special project you are starting from scratch.

If you hire an architecture he plan for you, but if you want to save money the first step is to take charge of the project and do it to yourself. In this article we are sharing some DIY ideas on, how to renovate your house on budget?

The key to renovating your house on budget yet beautifully is primarily to plan the entire process effectively. The following sections will demonstrate how you can divide your entire renovation plans into sub-plans, according to the space you have and renovate your home effectively. If you are looking to find out top 10 ways to renovate your house beautifully yet economically then read below: 

Divide and Conquer

As mentioned earlier effective planning is the key to effective renovation. If you are renovating yourself then you need to focus on both the bigger picture and the smaller parts. You might have heard the phrase “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, you can apply the same strategy to your home renovation project and devise a renovation plan for each area in your house. If you hire an architect for renovation, he will assess your requirements and then renovate accordingly. In this case since you’re in charge, you will brainstorm your requirements, write your end goal for each space in the house and decide the overall goal, and then move on to:


Since you want to renovate your house economically it is important for you to decide the total expenditure requirements/limit. It is important to remember in budgeting that you cannot overestimate your budget, keep your budget underestimated and then move on to researching for things you need.


You will be surprised at the number of options you have once you start your research. The beautiful lamp that you liked at a high end store can be purchased at a lower price from elsewhere as well. So, when renovating your house on budget please remember that if you research to find the furniture you like, paint you want or the decorations you would like in your house, you are likely to find most of the supplies at an inexpensive price. Take advantage of online shopping, thrift stores and second hand furniture shops and see how far you will go. For step by step instructions on how you can decorate your house beautifully yet economically please read below:

Doors Create the First Impression

The first impression of your house is your door. If you are unable to change the door completely and if your existing door is in a good condition then you should repaint your door. Your doors could also affect the lighting of your room, and you could benefit from this great technique interior designed Amy Lau uses, “When dealing with a dark room, whatever color is used on the walls, I paint the ceiling, trim, and doors the same color but 50 percent lighter. Too much of one shade can overpower a space.” So, when renovating on a budget if you are repainting your door try to use different shades according to the concentration of light in your house to optimize the lighting of your house the way you want to.

Paint Affects Lighting

As mentioned earlier painting affects lighting and when renovating your house you might opt for a new paint. In that case if you are already on a budget purchasing different colored pallets might seem counterintuitive. If you are on a tight budget then opt for a black and white palette, it will give your house a modern sophisticated look and you will have the guarantee that you can never go wrong with white or black.

Small Rooms don’t have to Look Small

If you are renovating to make a small house look bigger than an inexpensive and beautiful way of achieving that goal is to use mirrors. It’s an inexpensive technique but it’s used by one of the most famous architects of his time, Sir John Soane, who used mirrors in the breakfast room of his London house.

Kitchens and Storage

If you are decorating/renovating your house then you are probably trying to de-clutter and maximize your storage as well. Utilizing your kitchen to its maximum capacity can help you minimize your storage problems. In order to do this on a low budget you can either DIY kitchen cabinets or storages from recycled material at your house, or take advantage of thrift shops in your area.

No one knows your kitchen space better than you do and your storage needs building DIY storage kitchen cabinets will not only help you save money and reuse old materials at your house but it will also ensure that you’re building exactly what you need. If you already have cabinets which are enough for storage then you don’t need to replace them you can just repaint them to make your kitchen look as good as new.

Light Comes through the Windows

According to Marc Appleton, “half the experience of living indoors is seeing the outdoors” So when remodeling your house install large windows. However, you might not have the budget to change your windows in that case play around with paint and paint your windows a shade lighter than the rest of the room to maximize the light coming through the windows.

Bathroom Renovation

You would be surprised at the number of inexpensive yet quality products you can purchase to renovate your bathroom. If you are looking to install new toilet fixture you can check our Toto Toilet, and if you are not planning to install any new items, you can fix up your existing toilet by changing the paint, changing cabinet paints and by fixing the pressure of shower etc.

Floor Renovation

 If you are on a budget then floor renovation might seem expensive, and if you cannot find a flooring installation under your budget then you should invest in renovating everything else according to your floor design.

The key to renovating or redecorating your house beautifully yet inexpensively is to devise a goal for yourself, and paint an entire picture of what you want and then step by step renovate each part of your house like mentioned above.

6 Tips for Installing Carpet Yourself

Installer Using Carpet Stretcher on New Bedroom Floor
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Professional installation by an experienced crew is now so inexpensive and quick that it’s hard to justify doing this work yourself. Carpeting is now often sold with installation costs included since so few consumers want to go through the headache of DIY installation.

The Truth About “Free” Installation

It is true that carpeting that is advertised as “free installation” is not really free, since the cost is actually slightly inflated to cover the labor of the team who will come to install it. You can, therefore, save some money by specifying that you want to buy carpeting without installation labor. But by the time you buy or rent the specialty tools, padding, seaming tape, and other supplies necessary, the extra $1 to $1.50 per-square-foot cost for pro installation starts to seem like a bargain. If you’ve ever gone through the headache of trying to install carpeting yourself, you are unlikely to want to go through the ordeal again. Many installation teams will move furniture, remove and dispose of old carpet, install padding and new carpet, and move the furniture back in place—all within a few hours.

Still, there may be instances where your budget is so tight that saving on installation costs is critical. Or perhaps you are carpeting many rooms at the same time, or have many irregular shapes or stairways that mean your cost savings will be more substantial if you install the carpeting yourself. If so, here are six tips to make DIY carpet installation go more smoothly.

Rent Special Tools

Some DIYers make the mistake of thinking that they can install carpeting just by cutting pieces with an ordinary utility knife and rolling out the pieces over the floor. This is a disaster waiting to happen. While carpet installation will require many standard home-shop tools—such as a hammer, utility stapler, tin-snips, chalk-line, and utility knife—there will be several carpet-specific tools you will need in order to do the work correctly. These tools, available for lease at tool rental centers and home centers, include a seam iron, power-stretcher, and knee kicker. These are expensive tools and it is much more economical to rent these tools rather than buy them unless you expect to install carpeting often.

Learn How to Use a Carpet Stretcher

While it is possible to install carpeting without a stretcher, the results will look terrible, with wrinkles and lumps quickly forming. Two types of stretchers are essential to a good carpet installation: a long power stretcher that will brace against the walls to stretch the carpeting taut across the entire room, and a knee kicker that will help you push the edges into corners and over the tack strips around the perimeter of the room. Proper stretching is 90 percent of good carpet installation, and if you’re not prepared to learn this skill, it’s best to hire pros.

Install Tack Strips With a Gap Between the Wall

Tack strips are strips of wood with sharp-pointed tacks. They are attached to the subfloor around the perimeter of the room to provide the anchor point for the edges of the carpeting to be gripped. For novice DIYers, the temptation is to shove the carpet tack strips (sometimes called “tackless strips”) all the way against the wall or baseboard. Don’t do this. You will need the extra space in order to tuck the edges of the carpet over the strips. The gap between the tack strips should be just a hair less than the thickness of the carpeting so that the tucked portion remains tightly wedged in place.

For Patterned Carpet, Buy an Extra 5 Percent

You will experience more waste with patterned carpet than with non-patterned carpet since cutting and seaming pieces requires you to match the pattern. Most experts recommend adding 5 percent overage for waste on a non-patterned carpet, and you should add another 5 percent, for a total of 10 percent overage, for patterned carpeting. The larger the pattern, the more waste you will have.

Do Not Attach Padding Over the Tack Strips

This is a standard rule of carpet installation: Do not lay the padding over the tackless strips. Keep the padding within the inner perimeter formed by the strips. Padding should touch the edge of the tackless strips but should not overlap them. If the padding overlaps, then you’ll have a fat lump around the edge of your carpet—not very attractive. It is also a good idea to make sure your padding is of very good quality. Even cheap carpeting will perform much better if the underlying padding is of good quality, such as high-density memory foam.

Consider Carpet Pile Direction When Seaming

Obviously, if your carpet has a pattern, seaming two pieces requires careful attention to matching the pattern between adjoining pieces. But even for non-patterned carpeting, you can detect the direction of the carpet’s pile by looking at it from different directions in strong light. Keep carpet pile consistent from piece to piece. Even professional installation teams have been known to get this wrong.

Carpet Installation Company

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Our Leadership

Joe Zago, Founder of The Carpet Guys

Joe Zago – PresidentJoseph Zago – President
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All you need to know about Water Heater Repair

Sometimes water heater may fail due to a number of reasons. Water heater malfunctioning is evidence when the heater tank makes some strange gurgling or pinging sounds, fails to heat the water or when you see water puddling or dripping near the heater. If you see any of these sign you heater, it is time to repair the heater. 

Inviting a professional Plumber in Bel Air Maryland can mean waiting for days without hot water and parting with good amount of money. Consequently, you can troubleshoot and solve the Water Heater Repair yourself. 

Common Hot Water-Heater Problems:

If an electric hot water heater takes longer to heat water than before or does not heat the water, there is high chances that the heating elements is malfunctioning. If you the heater element and find out to be working well then cutoff switch or the thermostats is likely to be the cause of the problem. Replacing the heating element is easy and the parts are available at affordable prices.

Testing the elements:

Switch off the power and remove the cover to check the heating element and the thermostats. Use a non-contact voltage detector to touch the electrical connection to make sure that the power is off. Check the tester to make sure that it is working well by placing the tip in a powered outlet. If the tester produce a beeping sound or light up, the it is working well.

Now it is time to test the heater. Start with testing wires leading to the water-heater. If the wires are cover by a metal conduit, uncover it by removing the insulation and holding the tester just above the high-temperature cutoff switch. Remember to test both wires. 

Testing burned-out element:

Burned-out element can be tested using continuity tester, which is available in the market for about $7. The tester basically includes light bulb, battery and two wires. Touching the wires to a continuous-circuit should light up the light. You can also find a water heater tester that is designed specifically for testing the water heaters. If you have a volt-ohm meter and know how to use it, you can use it instead of a tester.

The element for testing is normally hidden under two metal cover, plastic covers and insulation. Remove all these to allow you test the burn-out element. Start with the continuity test to find check whether the element is not working. Electricity does not pass throughout a burned-out element. To do that, you may have to disconnect the connection from the terminal screws and connect alligator clip to the terminals while touching the other terminal. In case the tester light up, then the circuit is complete but if the light does not then it mean that the element is not working properly.

Testing short circuiting:

Short circuiting can also result in malfunctioning. To test short circuiting, clip the alligator clip on either of the element screws ad touch the tester probe on the mounting bracket. Do this for both element screws while checking if the tester lights up. Tester light-up show a short circuit.

Replacing an element:

First drain the water and ensure that the socket is off before unscrewing the malfunctioning element.. You can use a long study screwdriver to unscrew the bad element. You may need to loosen the bad element using a cold chisel and a ball peen hummer. 

Once you have successfully removed the bad element, you have to install a working heat element in place. Put the working element in place and tighten it using a wrench before reconnecting the wires. Close the valves before filling the tank with water before you switch the circuit breaker. 

What would I do if find the element is good?

If the test reveal that the heating element is working properly, then it is very likely that the thermostat is faulty. Testing a thermostat is a little bit complicated we recommend just replacing the whole thermostat. You can replace the thermostat while the tank is filled with water but make sure that the power is still off. The thermostat is normally held in place with a metal clip, so all you need is to install the newly acquired thermostat and transfer wires to the right terminals.

Benefits of hiring a carpet installation company

Entrepreneurs and carpet installation companies have one thing in common: they are always on the lookout for cost savings so as not to blow up budgets. In this context, in the attempt to maintain a quality carpet installation with the right company by spending a little less, many see outsourcing as the best of alternatives.

The decision to hire a carpet installation company services to customers is a very important step. This is because, regardless of the services that a manager decides to outsource, from the installation of carpet to the maintenance, the competence and professionalism of the chosen service provider are what will decide whether the result will be satisfactory or not.

Benefits of hiring a carpet installation company services. Anyway, in addition to the immediate reflection on expenses, an outsourced carpet installation company can bring a number of benefits: the contracting company will be able to enjoy security, cleanliness, and comfort with solutions tailored to their need. And it is about these advantages that we will speak today.

The Benefits of Hiring a carpet installation Company

1 – Focus on core business activity

If you are the owner or company of business to install carpets, your primary focus is likely to be on developing, optimizing, and creating sales strategies for your product or service in order to maximize profits. So dealing with minor issues such as carpet installation is not always extremely productive. Incidentally, hiring and maintaining an internal team can be time-consuming and generate demands that are difficult to manage.

In other words, carpet installation by specialized companies allows a boss or manager to focus on their goals and reduce time spent in areas outside their specialty.

The carpet installation company will hire and train the employees, so business owners and managers need not to worry about this. The company will also handle all the issues that involve organizing work schedules, ensuring that the missing workers are always replaced so that your company does no harm.

2 – The cost-benefit is worth it

The carpet installation services can have a significant impact on the expenses of a company for several reasons. First, there is an optimization in the technique and quality with which the services are made since with well-trained teams, usually, do much more in less time.

So there is also an economy in the price of the products and equipment used in the installation since these expenses are in the hands of the outsourced ones. By buying in large quantities, these companies get great prices on equipment, supplies and products, and spend a much lower amount on monthly fees.

Finally, there is also the reduction of costs associated with the payroll: expenses with recruitment, sorting, contracting, training and management of employees; in addition to the HR service in managing benefits, medical care, and so on.

3 – The quality of services improves significantly

Carpet installation services with an experienced company in the market will bring much more enjoyable results in the industry for your company as well as for the customers. This is because the company will use the most advanced and effective methods to get the job done correctly.

Since these firms’ expertise is precisely to provide facilities services, they have an extraordinary level of training that is almost impossible to achieve in the case of an in-house team.

It is important to point out once again that installation companies focused on conservation and quality offer specialized training for their employees. Thus, these employees become familiar with the latest equipment and products on the market available to offer the best service.

The professionals have experiences in dealing with issues with a number of important points in maintaining a professional environment, safely and seriously. It’s as if they were experts at creating an organized, healthy and clean environment for their customers and employees.

4 – You have flexibility

Another great advantage is that buyers allow your company to easily adjust the number of employees according to the demand for services offered by the company premises as well as the types of services that will run. This flexibility allows business owners or administrative managers to have greater control over the operational costs of each activity. Thus, it is also possible to adjust the hiring of the service according to the company’s need at the time.

5 – The processes are simplified

Finally, it is worth remembering that when outsourcing carpet installation services to a team of professionals, you simplify your work routine, and the processes created so that your company always maintained.

With someone taking care of carpet installation responsibilities, you have all the time you need to focus on other tasks with a clear conscience that your home will be clean and organized.

Best Types of Flooring 2019

If you are about to move or rebuild your current home, make decisions that will turn your home into a dream home. You can completely redesign your home without spending a lot of money on using a planner. If you choose to floor, cabinets, shades, and much of the style, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can spend. Your finished product will give you the new look of your home and inspire anyone venturing through the entrance.

Take, for example, the different types of flooring. You can experience every room in your home and choose what you want to accommodate in each room. You can then find the right style for you and complete the purchase. Some stores offer quick setup at a low additional cost. Laminate, cork and resilient floor coverings are some of the floor coverings that you should go through. In addition, you can not neglect decisions about artistic tiles. The great majority chooses the cover of the parts and effectively preserves the surfaces of the different areas of the house. A decent choice for kitchens and bathrooms is the clay tile and a star among the most famous. You can find it reduced at a reduced cost for high costs, and it is not difficult to set it up without someone else.

In view of the good taste and usefulness of a room, choosing the type of floor will be one of the most useful elements. An essential element of the interior structure, the floor, the lighting and the partitions, create the feeling and at the same time forms the establishment from which the rest of the stylistic arrangements and decorations originate. This is also the reason why a room fulfils its needs all the more efficiently. In addition, any type of flooring with its sights and weaknesses will be of great use to you and your home in Long Island.

There are many types of flooring for the best results. As mentioned, they have their advantages and disadvantages. If you take into account both your taste and taste and the need for space to be of use, you can exceptionally arrive with the most ideal decision for your home on Long Island.


When it comes to increasing the value of your home on Long Island, hardwood is an incredible decision that provides a magnificent warmth that radiates in its appearance. He arrives in an incredible selection of wood essences, completes himself and colours himself anew; and can be incorporated into parquet structures such as resilient floorboards or grazing floors. In addition, sanding and restoring it could rejuvenate and give it a perfect look. If they are lawfully maintained, you and a decent number of people can enrich you with the excellence and comfort that this brings. In a perfect world, these floor coverings can be used for your room, your living space, your dining area, your passageways and your stairs. However, the innovation advantage has succeeded in satisfying the owners by extending the wooden floors to kitchens and even the washrooms with imaginative plans and new envelopes.


This type of flooring is known for the most extreme comfort it offers and is available in many floor plans in fleece, nylon, polypropylene or a blend. Amazing to keep the room warm and keep the sound; It is usually found in lounges, home theatres, cinemas and residential areas. However, this is not recommended for areas of your home in Long Island that are prone to spills, direct sunlight, and excessive traffic, as they can actually measure mileage and be damaged by the affected components.


The tiles are available in stone, clay and porcelain and are available in a variety of shapes, finishes, colours and sizes that can be transformed into virtually unlimited design options. Flame and water protection, toughness and low maintenance make it the ideal model for the kitchen and laundry room of Long Island. Regardless of whether walking is a bit uncomfortable or not, it can definitely be used in all areas of the home with lightning mats to add parity to the comfort and feel of the floor.


This type of flooring is often preferred because of its low cost and choice of layouts to reflect the atmosphere of its expensive partners. It requires negligible support and does not bloom in the light of day, making it the main product for residential areas and even kitchens. In any case, improper installation can cause these components, even if impermeable to water and moisture, to escape underground causing damage. Likewise, it is effectively damaged by the flame and may be irreparable when chipped off.